Creative Photocopying

Creative Photocopying coverCreative Photocopying: Using the photocopier for crafts, design, and interior decoration

Submitter: The copyright on this delightful gem is 1997. We are a small to medium public library in a suburban area. Came across this book that hasn’t moved in several years… no surprise. A lot of our craft books have been things that were trendy for a while and have now fallen out of fashion and haven’t circulated in a couple of years. This was my um… favorite?

There was some terror among the staff when we found the clown (?) painting with the Circus Frieze.

Most of the crafts in the book are now done faster and more accessibly at home with a home computer, photo editing software and a printer. At least here in our suburban area, I’m not sure where the nearest “copy shop” would be. Maybe at the UPS store?

Holly: There are some ok ideas in this book, but I agree that they could be done faster and with better results on a home computer than on a photocopier. It comes with 32 pages of non-copyrighted images. These days we call that “creative commons” and there are millions of images freely available online.

Creative Photocopying back cover

Creative Photocopying introduction

Creative Photocopying Introduction

Circus Frieze

Medicine Cabinet

Medicine Cabinet

Interiors - border

Interiors - border


  1. “The definitive sourcebook for creative photocopying, the most exciting – yet accessible – design medium of the 1990s.”

    Puffery aside, did anyone ever do this as a craft? (I’d never heard of it before.) I’m wondering if this was more popular in the UK than North America. (The references to A3 paper reveal the book’s British origins.)

  2. Who in his right mind would want to do that to a perfectly innocent medicine cabinet?

    Seriously, i never heard of this craft either.

  3. I did a lot of paper crafting (think rubber stamps, decoupage, card making, & that sort of thing) back in the day, and can confirm that yes, this was a thing. Kinkos having color copiers really was exciting for some of us.

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