Creative Crap You can Make

creative handcrafts cover

McCall’s Annual of Creative Handcrafts
Comstock, ed.

Breakout the needles and crochet hooks everyone. We have some lovely outfits for you to craft, not to mention some cute animals and “whimsical action figures” too. (Warning! Knitted clown figure in the last picture. Proceed at your own risk.) The lace coverup isn’t too bad in my fashion-challenged opinion, however that granny “square”skirt has some serious issues. I have no idea what is going on with the “vest”/jewelry thing paired with the skirt.

I might be inspired to breakout my crafting supplies and watch re-runs of the Brady Bunch.


geometric crocheted skirt

pattern for lace cover-up

crafted action figures

scrap plaques

weaving animal figures


  1. That last page reminds me of the Island of Misfit Toys. And those scrap plaques remind me of the string art we had to do in elementary school during the ’70s, except ours was better looking.

  2. That blue top with the multi-colored skirt kind of gives new meaning to “chain stitch.”

  3. I don’t find the clown scary at all. But that square skirt makes my skin crawl, especially when I think how itchy and bumpy it must feel, and how easily it would get caught on things. I absolutely hate the look and feel of knitted clothes. And those chains don’t help, either.

  4. That skirt just screams, “okay, I’ve mastered crocheting in the round, now what do I do with these?”

  5. Apart from it’s sheer ugliness, imagine how heavy that skirt would be to wear. And heaven help you if you got caught in a sudden downpour.

  6. I want that vest on the cover. It’s very “me.” The hat and skirt though are big nopes.

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