Crazy Cat Ladies

Cats and Their Women coverCats and Their Women
Cohen and Taylor

True to stereotype, I am a librarian with not one, but two cats. They boss me around constantly and I am sure plotting my demise at every opportunity. Even with my disposition set at “pro cat”, I don’t get this book. It really is just pictures of women and their cats. Not a whole lot of cat info, but more comments on how much these women like their cats.  If that floats in your public library, then of course  keep for your collection. There is nothing wrong with this book. I just thought it was a bit weird or maybe it was the people featured that are weird. I would hate to hang this on the cats, since I am sure they did not participate willingly.

Perhaps the modern equivalent of this type of book is the Internet Cat Video Festival. I was personally very excited to hear that Henri 2, Paw de Deux was the winner. I look forward to next year’s competition.


Cats and Their Women back cover

Casper loves water

cat in the bath

Woman with two cats

Woman with black cat


  1. I seriously want to know if Prudence is a circus performer who has a real panther, or if that’s just someone’s cute terminology for a black cat…

  2. I did a survey here at work. It turns out that if you average out the number of librarians and other staff and the number of cats we have at home, it’s a little more than 1:1. That is, there are more of us with multiple cat households than there are catfree staffers.

  3. Also, do you think the women in this book were having a contest… who can have the most people say “What is with that hair?”

  4. “Cats and Their Women” makes me think the cats are escorting the women out to restaurants, nightclubs, etc.

    I think the point of a book like this is to be a gift book. That is, it gives a person something to buy when he/she has to get a present for someone. “Hey, Mildred likes cats! I’ll get her this book!”

  5. How funny. I have met the authors. At one time I owned the book. And I know the woman formerly known as Jean Canfield (the first person featured in your examples).

  6. Hey, my cousin took the cover photo! I thought she only did landscapes, for which she is justifiably acclaimed…but then she is not a close cousin, so there is a lot I don’t know.

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