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Art from Scrap coverArt from Scrap
Reed and Orze

Submitter: A book about arts and crafts using recycled materials is always in demand. This one is clearly geared toward art teachers, and many of the pieces were made by students. A few items shown are inspired and creative; many are just bizarre or ugly. Don’t get me started on the dead rat! I was finally able to replace this title with some newer craft books with–gasp!–color illustrations! I wonder what Freud would make of hanging a flying machine made of ballcocks in my bedroom…

Holly: I have patrons looking for this kind of thing a lot, but thankfully we have books published in the last few years to choose from here.  If it’s the best you can do, it’s not too awful, but if you can afford a replacement, this one can go.  I’m kind of surprised they picked that pig for the cover of the book, though.  Is that the coolest, most visually appealing piece of artwork in the book? The tongue from a VW hood would have been better (see below).

Flying buggy from scrap

tongue from scrap

Puppet head from scrap

Nature boy from scrap


  1. That “Cross Town Trolley” is pretty awesome. It would fit in perfectly with today’s Steampunk aesthetic.

  2. Kind of reminds me of the Amy Sedaris book “Simple Times” crafts for poor people. Lots of craptastic

  3. “innocent little nature boy” ?! Who wants to bet that was originally something far more dated/offensive before the editor got it changed?

  4. I adore the post title.

    Actually the flying machine looks the least dated of all the ones posted here: it’s looking fairly steampunk, which is, of course, a big thing now.

  5. I wonder if the caption writer actually saw the pictures or the items? What is described as a “trolley” or “buggy” is surely an airship. And what is depicted in the collage with the “motif” of “houses” is surely a cityscape of high-rises and apartment buildings. As for the “little nature boy,” not going there LOL!… I am reminded of the time when I worked for The Talbots. One of the issues of catalog production was the copywriter having to write compelling copy without having yet laid eyes on some of the garments, because samples were not available — the buyers had bought directly from the showrooms. It didn’t pay to try to be too specific!

  6. Hey, it’s the Etsy handbook of gluing crap to other crap (I mean, “upcycling”) to peddle to the internet! Awesome!

  7. I have never seen such terrible “crafts” ideas before, not even made from scrap! And I’ve seen a lot of them, some much older than this one, home schooling my kids for over 17 years!
    What a creation to put on the cover!
    I’m not sure where the VW hood is (I guess the entire thing, bent?) but when I was little we had a VW. When my Odd Ogg game broke, my older brother hooked the tongue to the front of it, so it looked like it was sticking out its tongue!

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