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cat crafts book cover

Cat Crafts

Did someone say “cats”?

This wasn’t too bad or too great either. The book is marketed to youth, but I think some of these projects require too much stuff and/or too much skill. When I was working in youth land, there would be that craft that was supposedly for the kids, but the parents ended up doing the whole thing. So as a library program idea, it’s not going to get anyone particularly excited, but I also have seen the right librarian doctoring up an okay craft into something spectacular.

Quick aside: As a person who has done both adult and youth librarianship, the level of skill, creativity, and the ability the youth librarians out there bring to the table is impressive. Adult services is easy, comparatively speaking. Kids always ask questions that constantly stump me. My colleagues at all the libraries where I have worked are amazing and so creative. The business nerd in me also thinks these are the people to develop into library management. Anyway, back to our regular show…

This might work better for a crafting family, depending on age/interest level. It’s not too bad, but it would probably require more planning than adults might be interested in doing. This is one of those books where you can’t really make a mistake by weeding or keeping. Let the circ numbers and condition make the decision for you.

Craft away!


cat placement craft

cat doorknob cover


  1. This could be a keeper depending on circulation. The first one requires a steady hand for the vinyl, but the second one is certainly do-able by any kid who can handle scissors and a needle. No weird supplies that don’t exist any more (like pop-tops)

    I guess “Older Kids Can Do It” isn’t a good series title.

  2. Does anybody else think that the pencilcase (?) on the top right of the cover looks like a spider rather than a cat?

    1. Yes — i wondered what it had to do with cats; thought maybe it was a toy for them?

  3. I don’t think the doorknob cover will do as much as a door _stop_, and wont fit on a handle. I was pleased that it was for a useful intent, being about to satyrize it as an anti-accessibility aide. (Also, like the cookbook of earlier this week, it is in primary metric!)

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