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careers in crafts coverCareer Opportunities in Crafts

Submitter: My local public library has 4 copies of Career Opportunities in Crafts. One that can circulate and three that are in their reference/research collection. I personally think you could weed all four. A great book for 1977, but out of date for 2015. The crafts people we help at my library tend to show off their goods on Etsy or eBay. This book will not help with anything online.

Holly: Based on the list in delightful yellow font on the cover, there’s not much still useful in this book. There are new ways of doing all of those things! Good thing Submitter’s library stocked up, and even better that there are THREE reference copies. You never know when there is a 1977 craft career emergency.


Crafty careers contents

crafty careers contents

crafty careers contents and introduction

how much is your craft worth?

couples in crafts


  1. So what do you do? Why, I’m a crafts professional! Here, have one of my hand-knit business cards.

  2. Is that a textile interpretation of a rubber chicken hanging from the rafters?

  3. What is that thing hanging from the ceiling of their studio? Looks like alien diaper or worse. I’m glad macreme is dead.

  4. What is that THING hanging over the stairway in the Willner studio? It looks like a gutted and partially skinned macrame cat!

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