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Submitter: Props to the author for including all kinds of offbeat holidays and celebrations. (Merry Launching of Sputnik Day! Happy Buddha’s Birthday!)  There is good background information on the days and lots of interesting ideas. Unfortunately, the drawings are absolutely terrible, and all of the illustrations are in black-and-white.  I haven’t tried to make any of these so I don’t know if the instructions are any good.  WorldCat lists holdings in over 100 libraries!

Holly: Books like these were great before the Internet became so accessible. You know, like 20 years ago. This book was written 20 years before that. Arts and crafts books for teachers are still useful in public and school libraries, but they have to be as good or better than Pinterest.



Table of Contents

Tournament of Roses and Betsy Ross' Birthday

Holland Tulip Time Festival

Buddha's Birthday




  1. Why not celebrate the day the human race managed to get a satellite into orbit? After all, World Space Week is centered around Sputnik’s anniversary. I’m kind of curious to know what the craft was for that day.

  2. Interesting that the entry for Martin Luther King’s birthday includes “figures from black history,” while we still see “Negro history week.” Shows that 1978 was a time of linguistic transition.


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