Country, when country wasn’t cool

The Mandrell Family Album coverMandrell Family Album
Mandrell, Collins

Submitter: We’ve just weeded this 1983 biography of the Mandrell sisters, The Mandrell Family Album, by Louise Mandrell and Ace Collins.  We were disappointed that, apart from the sparkly 80’s cover, there were no other color photos.  We did get a kick out of the many black and white photos that showed how much the Mandrells loved big hair.  One of my colleagues commented, “Look…it’s genetic!” when she saw the mother’s photo.

Holly: Oh good grief.  This is a slam dunk for weeding!  Even people go out of date…

Mandrell with keyboard and banjo

Mary McGill

Mandrell Family Album back cover


  1. I remember watching that show every week.

    The worst part about the photos being black and white is that then you miss out on realizing that the sister with the fiddle actually had a whole slew of instruments, each a different unnatural color.

  2. That’s not a beehive hairdo in the B&W photo, it’s a TERMITE MOUND hairdo.

  3. “The woman my dad fell in love with..” Hmm, wonder if that’s her mother.

  4. That is picture of Mary Mandrell…mother, of course, to the three Mandell sisters. Non color photos did not bother me at all. And, of course, the earlier were not in color in the first place.

  5. It gets worse when you realize that Barbara Mandrell got into a terrible car accident in 1984, which happened after this book was published, and that accident lead to her eventually partially retiring.

  6. I remember Barbara’s life story was made into a TV movie in the 1990s with Dolly Parton making a cameo appearance.

  7. Man, LOOK AT THEIR EYES on that cover! Either they all had bad eye work done or they took the advice to line the inside of their eyelids with white liner so that they look all bug-eyed and crazily brainwashed.

  8. In retrospect I wonder if we were secretly given drugs during the ’70’s hence the clothes we wore. The menswear was no better. When I see the things I wore in old pics I wonder how I ever thought that was “cool”. Sprayed hair, quiana flowered shirts, platform boots and I’m a guy!

  9. although i didnt listen to country music as a child friend and i would fight over who got to be barbara mandrell and who was tammy wynette, when playing barbies.

  10. Is it just me or is the cover shot a bit soft focused? It reminds me of those Liz Taylor perfume commercials shot through fog.

  11. Polly- It’s the white eyeliner trick. It makes the irises look like they’re free-floating. I wonder who gave them this brilliant fashion advice.

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