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American Country-Crafts
Time-Life Books

This is part of a 15 volume set on country themed art. The books have various themes: Country Kitchen, Country Quilts, Country Style, Country Entertaining, Country Furniture, etc. I guess if you really want to be “country-styled” this is the set for you. Personally, I think this is probably overkill. This book isn’t really for the “how-to” craft crowd. It is more about stylized decorating with the crafty looking items. I can’t imagine what the library was thinking by adding this book. Want to bet it was in a donation pile and someone thought it looked like it was in great shape?

More disturbing is the idea of decorating with the Topsy-Turvy dolls.




cat rug

stuffed animals


  1. Oh dear. I had no idea how racist the topsy turvey doll history was. I have a pattern that I made a few from when my friends had babies. Most wore a Christmas and an everyday dress. The faces weren’t different.

    As to the book, Country Style was all the rage for several years, so it likely got plenty of use.

  2. I can smell the potpourri through the pictures in this book! There are entire towns near here just full of shops that sell these types of things. And every last one has a sign by the register saying “Your husband called. He said to buy whatever you want”. Terrifying!

    1. I can smell the potpourri that’s (not) covering up the smell of the dust that’s covering all the stupid dried flower arrangements. And the stench of sexism.

  3. I would like to take mild umbrage at the text for saying the dolls were originally used for hexing. Cuz those are still creepy enough to look like they’d be part of an evil ritual. Now with extra racism!

  4. Topsy-turvy dolls … I saw a pattern for one in a 50s or 60s magazine but it was named “Freakette”. Also notice the one on the far right in this book: evidently Papa Bear, Mama Bear, and Baby Bear all share one skirt at the same time??! And those faces on the black cats in the hooked rug are peculiarly unsettling.

  5. Huh! I have a bunch of fairy tale topsy turvy dolls for storytime (Goldilocks, Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood, Three Little Pigs) and I had no idea the concept had such an unsavory history! To me, they’re practical because there are fewer props to keep track of, and the first time the kids see one it’s like a magic trick.

  6. I had 2 of those topsy-turvy dolls as a kid. One was of the racist variety, unfortunately, and had been an antique already when she received it in the 1930s. The other one was new (1970s) and was Little Red Riding Hood on one side, and the wolf in grandma’s clothing on the other. I remember the wolf was made of grey corduroy–that was my favorite thing about it!

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