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CosmoGirl Make It YourselfCosmoGirl! Make it Yourself: 50 Fun and Funky Projects

Submitter: Found in a public library, this book is catalogued as a children’s item. This gem was found by a customer who was looking for craft projects her 11 year old could do.

While most of it was pretty innocent (make your own chain belt, DIY hair clips!) this idea [“Boys-of-the-week panties,” image below] just seemed so wrong. The first step really sets you up for an uncomfortable crafting experience – “pick seven guys names.” But there are so many questions that follow. Who decided this was a good project for a kid’s book? Why did they have to pick black panties? And why do you need a silk scarf? Given the book is from 2007 we decided it was time to weed this copy and put an end to any panties crafting.

Holly: CosmoGirl was the first clue. Any content from the Cosmopolitan family of magazines should be considered closely before adding to a children’s collection! The whole idea is really off-putting to me, for any girl or woman of any age. If they had used words like “talented” and “strong” and “smart” and put them on socks or scarves or pretty much any other article of clothing besides underwear, I could get on board with the craft idea. But putting boys’ names (or girls’ names, for that matter) on your underwear is just sad. Especially when they’re encouraging one for each day of the week. Side note: I bet these fall apart after one wash.

boy of the week panties


  1. CosmoGirl: How to prepare for your future career in the sex industry! Get started with such exciting things as How To Please Him While Surviving Your Eating Disorder, Which You Will Need To Be Thin and Pretty!

  2. “What a funny present for a friend who has everything”
    If you have a boyfriend for each day of they week, you probably do have everything, if you know what I mean. 😉

  3. Ummm… No. Just no.
    Dubious even for a YA book – which is the audience I think it’s aimed at – but definitely not for kids.
    I know that librarians can’t read everything that comes in (You’d never get anything else done!!) but as you say, ‘Cosmo’ on the cover should have been the tip to look just a little closer.
    The silk scarf, btw, is for gift-wrapping…

  4. I have read this book! I didn’t find any of the other projects to be very useful – most didn’t seem sturdy enough to handle regular use, and honestly the hair clips idea was in every craft zine, craft book or craft website aimed at young people in that time period. But to me, the fact that this was presented as a gift idea for a friend is the most perplexing part. Can you imagine being a tween and opening this at your birthday party in front of your parents, friends and maybe some boys if you were allowed to invite them to your party? Maybe even the boys whose names are on this gift? Do you thank your friend who took the time and energy to make these for you?

    1. The tween’s parents will instantly confiscate the gift and tell the tween that the giver is not allowed to come over to their house when they aren’t there. Correction, even if they are there.

  5. Let’s put it this way. During my teen years in the 1960s, our Bible was Seventeen Magazine. The clothes were modest and reasonable. There were fun recipes and interesting fiction. There were lots of ads for china, silver and other things needed for a proper Wedding. Seventeen Magazine was Barbie.

    CosmoGirl was a real magazine from 1999 to 2008. It was just as edgy as the adult version.

    If Seventeen Magazine was Barbie, CosmoGirl was BRATZ.

  6. You guys, that underwear project, I have no words. If my mom had seen me making (much less wearing) something like that, I would have never left the house again. I agree with Holly that the basic idea could be cute, with other words and other garments. Heck, I could even get on board with decorating underwear using different words and more age-appropriate styles. Not for a gift, though!

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