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Cloning and the New Genetics coverCloning and the New Genetics

Submitter: How out of date can you get… this is before Dolly, let alone all the advancements.

Holly: At first I thought this was a children’s book. I’m not sure why, other than the colors and font just look kind of juvenile. Adults interested in cloning and genetics will be interested in up-to-the-minute advancements in topics like hereditary diseases, stem cells, and reproductive science. Not gonna find it here!




  1. Why, yes, there is–sorta. It’s Genetics for Dummies. It looks like the subject cloning has been nearly replaced up by genetics. The complete idiot’s guide is for cloning, though.

    I was interested to not that Big Library has more fiction than nonfiction with either cloning or genetics in the catalog record.

  2. Is anyone else amused that a book on science (especially veering into the mad-seeming science of cloning) would be authored by Mr. (and Mrs.) Hyde?

  3. The Hydes wrote YA books, which I believe this is. It actually looks familiar and it’s from the years I was a YA specialist, so I’m sure it was in our YA collection. It should’ve been weeded by 1990 at the latest. Science books older than 5 years are usually well out-of-date.

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