Coping with Chemotherapy

Coping with Chemotherapy coverCoping With Chemotherapy
How to take of yourself while chemotherapy takes care of the cancer

This book I found still in active circulation at an unamed public library. As of this writing, it is still on the shelf. For the love of libraries, why is this still in circulation?  Please don’t tell me about how you have new stuff too or it is better than nothing. For a public library, this is a slam dunk weeder. No excuses.

Since I have been finding way too many of these cancer books from the 70s, 80s and 90s still on library shelves lately, I can’t emphasisize enough how these really need to go. Aside from the outdated information, the attitude of recovery is less than optimistic. Back then, a cancer diagnosis was nearly a death sentence and chemo barely survivable.  A library patron looking for hope and information is not going to find it within these older materials. Get in there and cull those old cancer books.


Coping with Chemotherapy back cover

Guide to Anticancer Drugs


  1. The review quote on the back even mentions it as “up-to-date”. Keeping this around is false advertising.

  2. It would be better to have no cancer books than something like this. At least then the patron will ask and can get either an ILL that’s got current information or can use the library computers to find something that is accurate and recent on cancer.

  3. If cancer treatment was so primitive even as recently as 1985, then what about
    medicine in 1955 or 1925, or even Victorian-era 1885?

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