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How to Deal with Anger - cover

How to Deal with Anger

Submitter: Kids (and many adults) can benefit from learning about their emotions, but a more up-to-date book would be more appealing and also more likely to actually leave our shelves, which this one has never done.

Holly: Wow, girlfriend on the cover has some serious issues to work through! Look – this isn’t the worst thing, but if it has never left your shelf in nine years, it clearly doesn’t appeal to your patrons. Move on and try again.



Angry kids

Stressful and scary


  1. Seriously I would be creeped out just to have that book in my home because of the cover. I own a book titled “The Atlas of Dangerou Animals”, and the photo of the hyena on the back cover with its mouth wide open and full of long teeth is a little too much nightmare fuel for me.

  2. Being around people who are angry can be stressful and scary, so just cover your ears because nothing you do makes it o.k. for the other person to be angry. Learn how to invalidate everyone else’s anger so you can be the victim when things go wrong, even if it doesn’t have anything to do with you. There is no commonality about what makes people angry, so if you are angry, that is good enough.
    This solipsistic approach to anger is maddening.

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