1. LOL! Not only is the cordless/cellular phone a virtual antique, but is that a PAY PHONE the guy is using? They’re getting harder and harder to find in these days of nearly universal cell phone ownership.

  2. Wait…is the phone the girl is holding a cordless phone, or is that what cell phones looked like in 1993? I’m guessing cordless phone.

    I still remember when cordless phones were cool. Took my parents awhile to move forward. We had an old rotary phone for much of my youth.

  3. Are you sure that phone is cordless? Looks to me like it’s attached to a piece of string, rather than an aerial, which is most likely attached the the guys payphone.

    High-tech world my foot!

    1. I think you’re right. The cord connecting the phone to the jack/base unit is red, and against the red in her shirt it’s somewhat hidden.

      The publisher probably used a stock photo along with 1990s-era photo retouching technology to add the lightsaber-like antenna.

      1. I think it’s just a faded spot on the picture or something. If it had a cord it wouldn’t need the ginormous antenna.

  4. That could easily be a cell phone circa 1993. My oldest daughter was a baby then and I had a long commute to work through bad traffic, so I got a cell phone to keep in touch with her babysitter. The phone had all the size and heft of a large bottle of shampoo–and you had to pull up the antennae before you could make the call. Ah, that picture takes me back.

  5. Telecommunications really were jumping into a new era around then. The 2g network was coming up. “Long distance” plans were used to make calls hundreds instead of 10 miles away. And…dang it, the phone companies (yes companIES) finally figured out how to make it difficult for phishers to get free long distance, since their black boxes didn’t work anymore.

    And yes, I think that is a cordless phone. It doesn’t look thick enough to be a Centel. 😉

    Hey, and have you recently seen a vision of the future of technology from 1993? You will:

    1. God, has it been 16 years since those AT&T commericals, I remember them being on like yesterday.
      My brother and I used to joke, “Have you ever played an RPG for 20 hours a day? Have you ever had sex with a complete stranger from thousands of miles away? YOU WILL!”

    2. The band Too Much Joy had a song based on that commercial (“You Will”) with lyrics like “have you been faxed at the beach? You will, and you will not be scared!”

  6. This site is totally being put up on my forum. I’ve not seen the AT&T ads (Australian here) but they’re pretty accurate aren’t they!

  7. I almost submitted this one, but couldn’t bring myself to weed ours. The main problem is, I couldn’t find anything that looked like a good equivalent. The coverage of the topic, the photos and illustrations are excellent–if dated. Ms. Skurzynski, where are you? When are you going to do a new edition?

    Besides, I am in love with what’s on page 57. Photo caption: “From the video-on-demand library in Cerritos, a selected videotape will be transmitted directly to a customer’s TV set. It’s like renting a tape without having to pick it up or take it back.” The photo shows a man personally selecting someone’s video-on-demand tape from a drawer! This was in a section about an experimental fiber optics installation in Cerritos, CA. Awww, cute kittens have nothing on this one. 😉

  8. I’m with Freshhell–move it to the history section along with the books on care for your record player and records!

  9. I can’t believe this book is from as recently as 1993! Judging by the layout of the cover and cellphone technology, I would assume it was several years older, from maybe the 80’s!

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