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troubled tummy cookbook

The Troubled Tummy Cookbook
Recipes and Diets

Aside from the dumb title, this book was just fine for the 1970s. The troubled tummy part of this is geared to diets for post surgery, and specific conditions such as heart disease and ulcers. During the 1970s and into the 1980s, ulcers were believed to be caused by stress and overly spicy food. It wasn’t until the late 1980s that a course of antibiotics to kill the bacterium H. pylori. (The story of finding a “cure” for the peptic ulcer disease is a fascinating story.) This truly makes a good portion of this book obsolete by the late 1980s.

This is one of those books that isn’t an obvious weed unless you dig deeper. There are specialized diets, and it is appropriate to have materials supporting these topics. So next time you are looking at a shelf list, regardless of the collection, ask yourself if these older books still support your mission and if they are the best you can do?


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  1. “The Troubled Tummy Cookbook” sounds like something written for 5-year olds. What’s next, The Bad Boo-Boo Book of First Aid? XD

    1. Right? Even if this had an updated cover with good relevant information, I’d be too embarrassed to check it out based on the title.

  2. What do your “related posts” have to do with the subject of this particular book ? Especially since you had another cookbook of bland-diet recipes once

    1. We have a plugin that does the related posts, but you are right. None of these posts are really related. Maybe it’s time for a new plugin for the website.

  3. I wonder if people actually stuck to this bland diet. But since it didn’t fix the problem, they likely gave up and went back to real food. And booze. And what grandma called “roughage”, because there ain’t none in those lists.

    She was ahead of her time on the gluten-free, though!

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