Contingency Cannibalism

Contingency Cannibalism coverContingency Cannibalism: Superhardcore Survivalism’s Dirty Little Secret

Submitter: This was found in the survival and wilderness section of our little library. At first I was surprised by the title, then I was even more surprised when I realized it was misclassified. This probably would have done better in the humor section.

Holly: What the….ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Good grief. The summary at WorldCat is priceless.

Contingency Cannibalism contents

Contingency Cannibalism contents


legal issues


  1. It sounds like something I would have thought of at 3 am when having an anxiety attack about global famine from climate change.

    Yes, the inside of my head is a scary, scary place.

  2. WorldCat tells me that the FBI Library has it. I wonder what kinds of lists one would get on if requesting it via ILL!

  3. This is a terrible waste of wood pulp.

    Hands up: who thinks some survivalists are *really* hoping this comes to pass?

    WorldCat says it’s at a university near me. Or I think so, with all the pop-ups and annoying new design.

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