Consumer Help for the 1980s

secrets from the underground shopper

Secrets From the Underground Shopper

As of this writing, this helpful consumer tips book it is still in a small public library collection.The author goes through a long list of consumer items and gives a brief intro to the industry and then points out those “buyer beware” type of situations. I think everyone will appreciate the tips on buying a computer or using mail order to save money. Extra points if you remember the IBM and the IBM clones of this era.

Cosmetics, clothing, mail order of this era is barely recognizable compared to today’s retail options. So let this be your reminder to check all your consumer related materials and brutally weed that stuff that is no longer relevant.

Pro Tip: If they still have the catalog card affixed to the book, it’s probably a weeder.



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  1. Huh. Apparently the phrase “Super Lube” conjured up something much different in 1986, because it’s certainly not something I would expect to pick up at Merle Norman today.

    1. Shows what I know. A quick google just showed me that Merle Norman still sells Super Lube, and I am apparently just extremely juvenile. I’ll show myself out.

      1. I don’t think “lube” has pornographic suggestion when dealing with mechanical equipment. Merle Norman I am unaware of, though.

    1. Even more so because you can get oil, of a sort, from a snake; birds, on the other hand, don’t have much in the way of placentas.

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