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computer for the over 50s coverComputing for the Over 50s

Submitter: While weeding the whole library (don’t be alarmed, the library is a pretty small place), we came across this gem of a computing book. It’s a bit out of date but the book isn’t actually awful. We’re just confused by the cover. What do bears hugging trees have to do with computing? Can someone please explain it to us?

Holly: That is a very strange cover for any computer book!



  1. Maybe the bear is supposed to symbolize coming out of hibernation and learning about the new world of computers… 2006. So when the internet started these folk would have been in their late 30’s early 40’s. Wouldn’t they have been on the new technology like fleas on a hound? Frankly, that is a strange cover for any book that doesn’t discuss bears living in the woods.

  2. There seem to be a lot of computer and programming books that use random wildlife pictures or clip art on the cover.

  3. There’s a publisher called O’Reilly which famously puts black and white pictures of animals on the covers of their programming books. Perhaps this publisher was going for a similar approach?

  4. Teach Yourself is part of the title, if for some reason you are searching for this book. The paperback version has a very close-up view of the bear, like he moved in to see your camera lens!
    I am not sure why authors and publishers think “over 50s” or over anythings, need special books to learn “new” subjects. We aren’t stupid! We invented these things! I need to remind my young co-workers that their generation didn’t discover cell phones either.

    1. Yeah. There are a couple of over-50s named Bill Gates and Steve Wozniak who don’t seem to have too much trouble with computers.

    2. Every generation there are maybe 20% who know and understand, and then other 80% who don’t care until too late.

    3. What we need is a book on computing for the under 40s with sections on things like not telling everyone from Tierra del Fuego to Vladivostok where you’re shopping this afternoon and then being creeped out when the pizza boy asks if you found what you were looking for at Wal-Mart. How did he know?

      1. Yeah. The FedEx guy who delivers to our office is now posting to our receptionist’s Facebook page, asking if we’re open during event X (federal holiday, bad weather, etc.) so he can bring packages by. She was creeped out and has reevaluated the accessibility of her online postings. Maybe it has to happen to you before you get it? (Meanwhile, I avoid social media except for customer service complaints and contest entries.)

  5. School textbooks also have a strange habit of putting random wildlife on their book covers. ESPECIALLY the Scott Foresman books. I can understand them on the science books (biology and all), but what does a psychedelic peacock or snail have to do with math? If you want some really strange textbook covers, though, Google “Scott Foresman Exploring Mathematics”. They had these really abstract covers that seem like they were a whole bunch of random items just put together for a photograph, and yet I love them. Probably because they’re a free trip down memory lane for me. lol

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