Come to See the Clowns

Come to see the clowns coverCome to See the Clowns

Submitter: I am submitting this sad clown book – more for its condition than anything else. – Come To See The Clowns – Leave with nightmares….

Holly: Kinda cute, actually, as clown books go, but yeah – it’s seen better days!

Mary: I need to reiterate that clowns are evil. That said, this might be the least obnoxious of our clown book inventory.

Clown book dedication

Clown car

Clown with drum


  1. That’s adorable! If it weren’t in such bad shape I would probably not get rid of it. A lot of the older retro or classic easy readers are actually very popular! At my branches at least.

  2. I Clowns by Fellini.
    If these authors viewed this film, it might make for better children’s books (for adults) about clowns.

  3. These are OK, the serial number stamp on page 1 just had to be there? It couldn’t go on the title page or above the copyright?

  4. Most of these clowns don’t look intentionally evil.

    Still kinda suspicious about the one on the cover.

  5. Anyone else thinking of clown porn when they see the text on the last page?

    (Mary, please don’t murder me.)

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