Come for the Exercise, Stay for the Hair

Hard Bodies coverHard Bodies
The Women’s Weight Training Workout for Shaping Perfect Proportions
Portugues and Vedral

An eagle eyed co-worker found this one for me and we both started laughing at the hair. I think this is probably one of the best examples of hair styles from the 80s ever featured on this site. (There are plenty of contenders, however!) Again, we have some precarious exercise clothes that make me want to say make sure you are current on your bikini waxes. Yikes! I just can’t imagine prancing around the gym in this get up.

As a library book, though, this isn’t that bad. It is mostly demos of weight training that would be done at any gym. It is outdated and there are probably better choices. For collection development purposes, I would still put exercise and fitness under the same criteria as health books and probably weed after a few years. ┬áSo, enjoy the pictures and feel that burn!

Cue the music to Flashdance,


Hard Bodies back cover

muscle diagram

Woman in workout gear

In-between body workout


  1. Joyce Vedral always touts her PhD on her exercise books. Unfortunately it’s in English literature.

    Lynn (who has a PhD but doesn’t tout it when I’m discussing subjects that my doctorate in which it is irrelevant)

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