Come Drink the Kool-Aid

Cults - cover

(The Facts About series)

Submitter: Besides being in poor condition (yes, people were checking this thing out still!), this book has hilarious chapter headings.  There’s no proper introduction, it just dives in with the warning “No Free Lunch” and starts with a hypothetical situation where teens are lured into cults with the promise of lunch.  The pictures aren’t just out of date – they have little to do with their headings.  Some cult leaders have fleets of Rolls-Royces?  Here’s a dim picture of a Rolls-Royce in a dirty alley.  Some teens must be kidnapped to escape a cult?  Here’s a photo of a teen hanging out in a bathroom.  There’s not even much in the way of facts, just lots of different scenarios that may or may not be real.

Holly: Pleeeeease, please, please. I beg you all. Weed your juvenile non-fiction!  This is a topic of interest, a topic that kids write papers about, and a topic that absolutely BEGS to be kept current.  Especially if it is in bad condition.  Maybe this was the best the owning library could do 21 years ago, but we have more readily available information to us today.

Cults - No free lunch

Cults - Kidnapped

Cults - Getting Grandma Back

Cults - Old Tactics, New Targets


  1. This is an important topic and needs updating. However, I have been thinking of starting a cult of my
    own. I would lure the unsuspecting to my home to do repairs. I don’t have any enlightenment to offer,
    but maybe I can make sandwiches. Weed and update please. Oh, and more pictures would be good
    to see too : )

  2. Well, we can plainly see that Doug, who is now broke after one year of college!, is a socialist—and that is of course the basis of ALL cults. I think this is one of those books that has to go into the shredder to make sure it never falls to the bookstore for re-sale. Yikes!

  3. I just LOVE the cover. These people are obviously in an art museum. Therefore, if we attend openings at any museum, we are automatically members of a cult, right? Sheesh…

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