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color wonderful

Color Wonderful
Nicholson and Lewis-Crum

This book is your basic 1980s flashback. Note the big hair and the blue eye shadow. One of the chapters is about “gentle” coloring, I am going to go out on a limb and say this doesn’t look too gentle.  This particular book was sent to the bindery in the early 1990s. Obviously, we need to preserve those excellent hair and make-up examples from the 1980s.

Having one’s colors done by a “pro” was quite the trend. I never did figure out what season I was. We have posted some examples in the past.  We will just add this to the pile.


color guidance

makeup part 2

color scheme



    1. So is the Muted one. And the Light/Bright looks terrible in both. The interesting thing about this book is that it’s the same concept as the “seasons” color system, but with Muted, Gentle, etc. replacing the seasonal terminology.

  1. My MIL thought my choice of clothes was ‘very modern’ and decided that I was a Winter person. My strong colors were to be navy blue and hunter green. My accent colors were to be mint green and baby blue. Everything was to be worn with lots of white and I was not to wear any warm colors at all. Even brown shoes were verboten.


    It’s odd that this idea of color choice based on personality should be popular during the decade with the worst styles of the century.

    1. I don’t think it was based on personality, though, was it? From what I remember, it was supposed to be based on your coloring–hair, eyes, skin tone. In this system, it looks like what they’re calling “Contrast” would have been a “Winter” in the seasonal system. It’s all the same bunch of crap, though, lol.

      1. Not all crap, really — some colors do look better on some people than others. Or, maybe I should say some people look better in some colors than others. Possibly one’s taste reflects this — if I wear orange, my skin looks kind of unhealthy, and I dislike orange things. Except in food.

  2. Except for the muted makeup, “wrong” looks like “clownish” and “right” looks like “more clownish”. The permed hair and bright clothes don’t help, either. I know one of the librarians in ALB has a fear of clowns, I wonder if she noticed it as well. 🙂

  3. Anyone else think that the lady in the light/bright makeup looks like an ugly drag queen?

  4. Remember that doll from the late 80’s, Little Miss Makeup? The women look like her on the left and the right.

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