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I really love the decorating books we have on our site. I think just about everyone I knew as a teen was either decorating in that awful avocado green or the harvest gold yellow for their color scheme. This book at least features some more eye catching color, but the effect is over the top. I don’t think I could relax in any of the rooms presented. Too much matching colors or print between walls, furniture, and window treatments is just too much.

Be careful and don’t look directly at the pink living room. You might blind yourself.


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  1. Thanks for warning about that pink room but I think that green one was even brighter!

  2. That picture on the cover would be perfect if the patterned couch were swapped out for a solid black one. Everything else….YEECHHH!

  3. Do the dining-room chairs with the red seats and backs remind anyone else of Frenched lamb chops?


    Must just be me, then…

  4. I understand the need to weed this, but I do think there are some fun ideas in here. The “invisible” wallpapered hanging ledge would be interesting to try to recreate (in different colors and maybe less stripes). Also, as my 6 yo has taught me, sometimes it’s ok to use a color (or sparkle) (or combination) in your style because *you* really think it’s pretty; s/he would love the pink room. And those dining room chairs are kind-of fantastic… wonder if they’re comfortable?! Maybe I only like it because it’s retro, and I wouldn’t want to live with these styles, but I do find them refreshingly… I don’t know… not modern/white/sparse?!

    1. I agree with them that *you* are the ultimate arbiter of your taste. Unless it is actually damaging to someone else, they really can’t claim a right to interfere.

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