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From College Girl to Working Woman coverFrom College Girl to Working Woman: 201 Big City Jobs for Women Graduates

Submitter: [This book] is a product of the 70’s that now makes a modern woman cringe. I am currently withdrawing it from the collection – there is even a penciled comment on the title page that says, “this book should be banned!”   I especially like the chapter about “tripping out on the typewriter” – Do college students today even know what that is?

Holly: I doubt it!  This is ridiculous and does not belong in public libraries.  This is why we weed.

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Tripping out on the typewriter


  1. The question, of course, is when the penciled-in comment was written. Recently? Disappointed patron, then. Soon after the book was published? Disgruntled male, no doubt.

    1. I doubt it’s a disgruntled male, after all, the last chapter DOES seem to be the “find a man and get married” capstone.

  2. Wait…I went to college to become a secretary? I guess TYPING a 20-page term paper is more valuable than being able to support a thesis with research! The big city and corporate executives await my nimble fingers!

  3. My mother graduated from college in 1966. She went to work at a Very Large advertising company. Men with college degrees were made Junior Executives. Women with college degrees were made Secretaries. She says she didn’t even really question it. Secretarial work was more respected at the time, and it paid well compared to other jobs open to women. So, yeah, a college degree (or a secretarial degree) got you a good job. Sexist, yes, but it was a time we respected workers and thought the goal of education was education and not money, although obviously you wouldn’t hire women for executive positions – they go off and get married! Have babies! Undercut men’s wages! It’s interesting to see our attitudes change about jobs done by women and how much less we value a job once it’s become a female job. Librarianship included.

    A library still had this in their collection? Please tell me it was a historical gender studies collection.

  4. Typewriters aren’t completely dead. Aside from people who just plain like them a Typewriter is great if you need to fill out printed forms that are NOT on a computer, or to make up individual mailing labels.

    1. Well, you don’t want to have a secretary who comes in to work all sweaty and stinky. I like they way they put “nose” before “ears”, though.

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