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Hobbies for Fun and Profit

Unfortunately, not enough advice about how to make money but a LOT of suggestions for hobbies and crafts are listed. I am not sure people will be interested enough to pay big money for your photo collection. The twenty something crowd I have run into (yes, I know this is not an appropriate sample size) are not collector types. I think it is mostly an issue of space and cash.

I really think there is a difference between a hobby and a business idea. None of these are realistic money makers unless you have a plan and serious time. In other news, I have a collection of some of the popular vinyl albums released during the 1970s and early 80s. Anyone want to offer me enough for the whole lot so I can retire early?




  1. My grandfather did fly-tying as a hobby; we have a nice shadow-box of his flies to display. But part of the point of fly-fishing is that you should look at what’s on the water and tie your own flies accordingly! So, selling hand-tied flies is a non-starter. Creating a fly-tying YouTube channel or even a Twitch stream would be a much better business idea.

    I suspect that a lot of the ideas in this book would be much more easily monetized (if you must monetize your hobbies) as channels.

  2. My parents financed a trip to the Oregon coast for us one summer by selling their collection of 45s. The memories of that trip are priceless!

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