Clowns for Jesus

Clowning for Christ cover

Clowning for Christ (Revised)

Without a doubt, this is my worst nightmare in book form. I gotta say I am not a big fan of the clown as a Christian emissary. Maybe I am going out on a limb, but is this REALLY an effective ministry tool?  If it is, can someone show me some data?

In this particular book, there are a few pages on how NOT to frighten children. The mere fact this is a possibility should be reason enough to re-think packing Jesus’ message in clown form. Maybe the clowns can be an illustration of what Hell is all about. If that is the point, I promise to never skip mass again.

So help me God!


clown characters

solo clowning

frightening children with clowns


  1. My mother had this one! Her church had a big clown ministry going in the eighties. It was fairly divisive though and ended abruptly when a crabby old rich lady made a big show of going home when she found out the clowns were appearing yet again, taking her checkbook with her.

  2. Shame this isn’t REALLY a take-down of televangelists (Benny Hinn, Robert Tilton, Creflo A Dollar, TD Jakes)!
    Then again, maybe it is: ‘dressing up’ for your target audience…’performing’ in the most simplistic manner to reach even the simplest of minds…using ‘props’…

  3. I don’t get where Jesus comes in — does the clown just make it up? The general clown advice actually looks pretty good (though I dislike clowns, almost as much as mimes).

  4. I am truly blessed to live in a time when clowns are on the wane, Christian and otherwise.

  5. “Godspell” is magnificent. But this is something, er, else. I hope Mr. Christensen has a few chapters on how to develop narratives and tweak basic tricks that convey Christian messages.

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