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Submitter: I have two great out of date clown books found just for you. Both were found in the juvenile section at my local public library. There were 4 copies of this at the library.  Plenty of scary clown photos that would even scare John Wayne Gacy.

Holly: Oh Maaaaary… I have a boooook for yoouuuu! Bwahahahahaha!

Look, I don’t have any real problem with clowns or books about clowns for juvenile sections of public libraries, but let’s not insult the clowning community by ignoring their need for updated materials. (Has anyone done a study on the information needs of clowns? Library Students! I have a thesis topic for you!)

Mary: I will be hiding under my desk if anyone needs me.

Clowning back cover

The Auguste Clown

Clowns bungling magic

Clowns through the ages cover

Clowns through the ages

Circus Clowns of Yesterday

Modern clowns

Willy the Clown


  1. That first one was definitely miscatted as juvenile, though, right? I hate when people do that – put books in the juvenile section just because the subject makes them think of kids. You would not BELIEVE the trouble I had when I bought the adult dinosaur book.

    1. I know what you mean when you say it, but “the adult dinosaur book” just sounds so… naughty.

      1. You know there is such a thing as Dinosaur Erotica, Nora. Someone is making a lot of money writing bad sex novels involving human women and dinosaurs and publishing them for Kindle downloads on Amazon.

  2. I’m pretty sure I had this book in my last library. Our Drama department taught clowning and wouldn’t let me get rid of it. I hate clowns so always avoided it at all costs.

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