Clearer Skin with God

Why isn't God Giving Cash Prizes?Why Isn’t God Giving Cash Prizes

Just in the nick of time! You can be in heaven with clearer skin and knowledge that all other religions are crap compared to Christianity. Between this book and the author’s other masterpiece of cool awesomeness, I am quite sure the streets will be filled with clear-skinned youth looking and feeling awesome.

To me, a cover does count, especially with youth-oriented materials. To be honest, I doubt this generated much coolness even in 1982. Wait! I think I hear the sound of a collective eye roll and groan from every teen that is browsing the religion section.


Why isn't God Giving Cash Prizes

3 billion people can't be wrong

A Goddess doesn't have to apologize

Your God-in-the-Box doesn't work right

No zits in heaven


    1. And Jenny McCartney is not only proof there is a God and evolution is bunk, but that God has a sick sense of humor for allowing someone so stupid to have so much influence on kids’ medical health.

  1. Why is the guy with the Lady Diana’s hairdo sitting on the piano keys, like it was a normal thing to do? If that was my piano…

  2. So basically I should not fear death, but look forward to it because I’ll have perfect skin. And I’m supposed to be as miserable as possible in this life, because then afterlife will be perfect as well. But suicide is a sin, so I must continue to live even if incurable, terminal disease has ravaged my whole body. Niiice. 😛

  3. Well, I don’t agree with the “all religions are good” business either, but that’s because I’m an atheist.
    (and since when is having a “skinny bod” supposed to be something bad?)

  4. “The fact that Christians worship on Sunday …” (p. 170)? Presidential candidate Ben Carson might like a word with you, he’s a Seventh-day Adventist

  5. The fact that the bible was written hundreds, if not thousands of years after the Jesus person allegedly lived is why he fulfilled all the Old Testament prophecy to the letter. Furthermore, the original disciples did worship not on Sundays, because they were still Jewish and continued to be until their deaths. They followed a man named Jesus and passed on his teachings, but were still Jews. The loss of the Jewish aspect was the result of Saul, the late coming apostle who repudiated his childhood faith when it apparently didn’t pay as well. It’s a pity the writers of this book didn’t read more of the book they preach about.

    1. Hundreds, if not thousands of years after Jesus lived? Ummm…what grades exactly did you get in history class?
      (That “thousands of years” remark is cracking me up, tbh)

  6. Didn’t we have the other book mentioned on the cover “If God Loves Me, Why Can’t I Get My Locker Open” on here once? Or at least one of the other books? Also, I wasn’t aware those issues on the back were only things teens worried about. I thought the back would be more about dating and staying faithful to God or how act Christian to others at school.

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