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microbes and morals story of VD cover

Microbes and Morals

This dense text is written for young people. I was surprised on how this book was more a history of sexually transmitted disease, along with a pretty thorough discussion of the science rather than a moral lecture. Throughout the book, the writer is constantly reminding the reader that disease is less about morals and more about disease and treatment. Not a bad book for the time.

I did find this title in a small-medium public library with the health books. My advice to the holding library: it is time to let this one go and get a current book that uses the term STD. I think only the over 50 crowd would know that this was a book about an STD.




back cover written by Anthony Burgess

inside flaps of microbes and morals book

ecological forces on VD


    1. Yup, I remember the “VD is for Everybody” PSAs when they first came out. I’d be interested to know whether they actually had a noticeable effect. Of course they seem lighthearted and innocent when compared to the scare campaigns against herpes and AIDS in the 80s.

  1. I’d probably check this book out to read for fun. STD is starting to be replaced by STI nowadays. Infection instead of disease.

  2. Those darned millennials probably think that you catch venereal diseases when you visit the planet Venus! And get off my lawn!!

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