Cinderella has gone to the dogs!

Cinderella coverCinderella

Submitter: I can’t believe this book. I literally did a double-take when I saw the cover, and as I flipped through it, I began to wonder what made the library purchase this book in the first place. The dog/people combos are a bit freaky and probably would have frightened me as a child. I could see a Cinderella story with the characters all as cartoon dogs, but not this weird dog/person combo photograph.

Holly: This is definitely odd. Dog people, are you horrified by this or do you think it’s cute? They have dog faces and people hands, which I find disturbing. If it circulates, I’d keep it, but I might not put it out on display!

Cinderella dog

Dogs at the ball

Cinderella dog

Dogs pulling pumpkin carriage

Dog Fairy God Mother

Dog Cinderella

Dog Cinderella


  1. William Wegman is well known for his photos and videos of Weimeraners dressed and acting as people. For people who know and love his work, like me, I think this book is awesome!

  2. You mean you don’t love William Wegman’s famous Weimaraner photos? A kid who loves dogs will probably love this book. I agree it seems a little off to an adult, but it is still cute. I’ve seen worse come out of our children’s department.

  3. Wegman was really big for a while, and many kids and adults would have recognized his work. It appeared on Sesame Street, for example. Definitely a strange career turn for someone who started out in fairly obscure video and performance art.

  4. Oh my god! I owned this book as a kid. I hated tit and thought it was creepy. My grandmother had bought it for me because she knew I liked dogs and she thought it was cute.

  5. I remember this guy and this book! He made a whole career out of bizarre photos of his dogs. Poor beleaguered things. It was kind of the bizarro Anne Whatshername, with the babies.

    1. Anne Gedde. I think her baby photos are both better executed and creepier than Wegman’s dogs, but both are creepy.

      As everyone else has noted,, Wegman and his dog photos were inexplicable pop culture phenomena for a while.

  6. ….I just cataloged this book within the last month. I don’t know, I am familiar with Wegman so I think with so many Cinderella iterations out there, it would be Wegman fans (or extreme dog fans?) who select this particular version of the story.

  7. I remember seeing these dog-people on Sesame Street. It was really weird and kind of creepy. One segment had the dogs wearing strange costumes while kids try to guess what they were supposed to be. One kid said, “It’s Kermit the Dog!”. 🙂

    1. Yes! Wegman and his Weimeraners were a semi-regular feature on Sesame Street in the late 80s and early 90s. I always thought they were wonderfully creepy with their people hands and dog faces.

  8. I would experience more fantasy and less creep-ola if they had paws. Otherwise, his dogs in garb are great.

  9. A brief skim of the “about the artist” page on Wegman’s site reveals that he spent the early seventies in Southern California, which is about the same time he started photographing his dog regularly.

    That probably explains a lot.

  10. I loved William Wegman’s dog photos as a kid and remember them being on Sesame Street. Animals dressed up as people in illustrations is a common thing, especially for kids, so why not photos? Yes, now that I’m an adult I wonder about the treatment and happiness of the dogs, but I don’t think anything is really wrong here. And should kids be thinking about those things at so young an age? Exotic animals in entertainment–now that’s something that upsets me and that I do think kids should be taught about. But dogs are domesticated and like members of the family.

  11. It’s wild and disturbing and kind of funny.
    Just the kind of thing libraries should have, to keep the collections from being too safe, sensible and uniform! Books are not vanilla pudding. 😉

  12. I have never been crazy about Wegman photos. I think they are kind of creepy. I can, however, understand how dog lovers love them. I don’t care for photos of babies dressed as vegetables, either. But, I am probably in the minority.

  13. Those Wegman books were hugely popular in the ’90s. When I worked at Borders back then I probably had a customer ask for it almost every week. Then Anne Bel Geddes came in with those babies dressed as flowers and vegetables, and that became the new craze.

    Does stuff like that even happen anymore? Are there any coffee table books that take off like that? I have a hard time envisioning people dropping 40-50 bucks on something like that today.

  14. I love the Wegman dogs! Have always liked them, and I am pretty sure from what I have read that they are very well treated. Some of the pics here are hilarious! (It doesn’t bother me in the least that they have human hands. What about cartoon animals — they have hands, don’t they, not paws?) Have people not seen the YouTube videos of dogs eating with human hands? At least some of them were created in homage to Wegman’s work. Here is a compilation: — if the link doesn’t work, just Google the phrase “dogs eating with human hands.” Both the videos and the Wegman photos are much less creepy IMHO than the babies dressed like things you eat, IMHO.

  15. I remember this book from my childhood. I remember the human hands and arms were distracting even then, and wishing the photographer had somehow worked around them. If you notice in the vacuuming picture, the Cinderella dog doesn’t have hands, which is weird but still better than the human hands. The woman’s red nail polish still freaks me out a little.

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