Christmas Tree Crap, I mean Crafts

Christmas Tree Crafts coverChristmas Tree Crafts

I was a year old when this book was published. That makes it 47 years old this year. I’m all for holiday craft books for kids, but this one is old and tired. There are giant chunks of pages falling out. Some kid, probably 47 years ago, colored on many of the templates in this copy. That kid probably has these hand-made ornaments on her tree to this very day, and her grandkids think they’re sooo old and weird, but dang it, she loves them. Especially the Christmas frog (see below).

Happy Holidays, everyone!


Christmas tree crafts back cover

Christmas wreath

Christmas frogs

wise men craft

clown christmas


  1. I’m the same age as this book too! It’s definitely given its all and needs a permanent rest. But I do love these craft books from back in the day. They are so terrible but so interesting.

  2. All hail the Christmas Hypno-Toad!

    Kids’ books should not be of an age that grandparents used them. Plus the condition. This should have been weeded in the 80s.

    (I gotta say, the Craptastic Crafts books are close to being my favorites.)

  3. This looks somehow older than 1975! Definitely time to weed this– now children would get someone to print a template instead of tracing it. And yes, those ornaments on still on trees all over!

  4. What a kind sentiment to ponder: that this book like any other served it’s purpose and still does even for just one child.

    Maybe this book can avoid the dumpster and take the next trip to the island library of discarded books. A misfit toy would love go to check it out.

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