Christmas Ornament DIY

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How To Make Christmas Ornaments

Submitter: Decorate your tree 70’s style! Found this gem in the oversized book section. We especially adored the earrings and the “Christmas Tree.”

Holly: OMG, those earrings! Hiddeous. These ornaments look just like my grandma’s Christmas tree did most of my life. Grandma’s ornaments are a lovely thing to put on your tree, but if you are helping patrons look for books on to make Christmas ornaments, this book is probably not what they had in mind.



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  1. “Don’t you agree that there’s quite enough decoration as is? No point in piling it on!”

    The author is clearly messing with us at that point.

    1. The thrift shop would have to pay me to take them. Does anyone know what the second thing is supposed to be?

  2. ahhhhh! It’s the 5th grade Girl Scout project. Left over ribbon and cloth bits and diverst array of pins and beads. How do you get squares of fabric around an orb with out seams…

  3. I made an ornament similar to some of these, at about the time period of this book. I think my mother still has it.
    Another retro book for the book sale!

    1. Nah – better idea for the earrings – get enough of them to sew them onto a sweater in a Christmas tree shape and you’re a shoe in to win the Ugly Christmas Sweater contest!

  4. This is the raison-d’etre for holiday bazaars — so that ladies with time on their hands can craft things to sell for the benefit of their church or whatever. I can’t imagine sitting down and making these myself. If I had all that extra time in the runup to the holidays, I would still be sending Christmas cards.

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