Christians in Cyberspace

Christian Cyberspace CompanioanChristian Cyberspace Companion: A Guide to the Internet and Christian Online Resources

Submitter: I recently found this book in my local library collection. Even better my library has both editions.

Holly: I thought maybe this was one of those directories of Christian websites, but it is actually just a book for computer beginners. According to Google Books, “Beginners learn how to choose equipment and software, while experienced net surfers are provided with a glossary of cyberspace terms, the news of coming advances, and much more.” I’m not sure what advice there is for Christian computer beginners vs. any other beginner…anyone seen the insides of this book? Is it based on Bible lessons or something?? I don’t get it. It is wayyyyy to old to be useful to anyone of any faith.


  1. To be fair there are Christians who think computers are Satanic. This was likely to show that they’re not.

    Still needs to be weeded though.

  2. I don’t know, but for a “Christian” book, I was taken aback by that kind of vivid red phallic representation on the cover. Especially when it was viewed as a thumbnail on the screen before I opened the site…

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