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Teen-ager, Christ is for You

More spiritual advice for “today’s” teens. The message is that Christianity is cool and God isn’t out to kill everything fun in your life. (I am not sure my teen self would necessarily agree.) It is a weeder because of the archaic references and the probability that no single teen would pick this title regardless of their interest in the subject matter, since it looks old and feels old.

I really believe that good design and cover art are essential to successful teen materials. I have seen much better covers and titles for Christian teens that would do a way better job than this little book.


Hear Your Lord

You can't believe

sex is wrong


  1. Well, given that this came out in 1957, it’s a lot more frank than I expected it to be. Still, it reminds me way too much of my junior high school “health” book to ever be of more than passing interest.

  2. Sorry, Walter, but it doesn’t matter what you’re selling: If the sales pitch includes one of those detestable mixed-case fonts, I’m not buying it.

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