Christian Teens and Dating

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Picking (and Being) a Winner
St. Clair and Jones

Are you a fun loving Christian teen? Worried about picking a loser for a life partner or a casual date? This is your book. These guys want you to avoid the panic and stick to dating Christians only. It just saves time since anything else will eventually fail. Aside from the “don’t date non-Christians,” the other stuff is about being a good person. They also offer standard advice about complimenting your date. Girls, you need to know that guys scare easily, so make sure you give him enough space. He doesn’t want the ball and chain just yet.


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  1. If I had cross-stitched a Bible verse for anyone, I’m pretty sure that relationship would have ended abruptly.

    1. That would depend on the verse, wouldn’t it? Some of the ones from the Song of Solomon, for example, while not exactly wall-hanging material (being NSFW), might elicit some surprisingly enthusiastic reactions…

  2. It isn’t terribly bad but it is dated. Some of the crazy date ideas just aren’t practical. ‘Go for an airplane ride’? How many teens could manage that?

    The advice about being considerate of others will never be bad. But the book could easily be replaced.

  3. Go on a double date with parents? This is obviously the Christian parents’ idea of fun dates for their kids. Even the super-Christian kids are going to be more into having a water balloon fight or group dating with other kids in a convertible.

    I think the answer to #2 (in 1987) would be loan him a quarter to call home; nowadays you should kick him and suspect a trick, b/c he should have a cell phone to pay that/call home/the restaurant would let him use the phone to call home for more money.

    I think in 1987, even Christian boys might have been weirded out by homemade plaques or cross stitch Bible verses. Sort of the opposite of “don’t tighten a ‘noose’.”

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