Christian Advice for the Overworked

how to work with less energy

Work With Less Energy

Are you overworked? Can’t meet those deadlines? Forget your calendar and to-do list! God wants you to take a moment and look around. Rev. Grant came to an epiphany one day after watching people work:

“Today I watched a negro working. You know how they do. They work so relaxed, so gracefully.”

Evidently a few metaphors, Bible verses, and standing around watching people work is the key.


Christian advice for time management



  1. cover: conan’s show is cancelled and he’s forced into temp jibs to make ends meet

  2. Well, I know many a time when I am stressed at work I say “God!” (and I’m not a Christian ;-))

  3. What this author said about black people isn’t nearly as awful as what some insane Anti-white Conspiracy Theorist I had the misfortune to see on YouTube was saying just a couple of days ago. Knowing people like that even exist is disturbing. 🙁

    1. It’s fortunate that anti-white conspiracy theorists don’t have any real power institutionally or hundreds of years of history to back them up, so as ridiculous as they can get, they aren’t a significant threat.

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