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Teeth Are Our OrgansTeeth Are Our Organs
KOSMOS international Institute for Oral Health Science

Warning!  There are some medically graphic pictures included in this post!  They include pictures of teeth and gums in various stages of decay and repair.


Submitter: Dear fellow weeders,
If you have not already received your own copy of this book, just wait, it is on the way.  We recently received this book free  and DVD from Japan.

The author believes that teeth are the core of human health. That if we don’t keep the current teeth we have, our health is over. I am attaching a few scary photos.

So Muratsu hopes that we see the symbiotic life cycle that we have with our teeth.  This is if you can get through the terrible translations. My colleague and I wonder if they just dumped the Japanese’s text into Google translator. Whalaa!, instant book.  I have attached a random sampling.

We are design librarians, so we can’t judge the validity of this book, however the terrible translation makes it and awful book.  So watch out librarians one might be on the way!

Holly: Oh goody, I can’t wait until our copy arrives.  Second warning! The pictures are below!


Prospectus for donation of this book

gross teeth

association with teeth in our lives



  1. “When we keep crossing our fingers, dreams come true.” Really? Maybe that is why I never got a pony as a kid–I never crossed my fingers!

  2. I guess there is no hope for me; I have foreign substances for fillings, teeth pulled, and a few caps. Guess it’s a sign to update my will.

  3. To Holly and Mary,
    If your copy has not arrived. I am willing to send mine. I want this creepy thing off my desk!

  4. we got ours a couple of weeks ago. i even found a librarian willing to accept it as a donation. i hope she doesn’t read this blog!

  5. I’m thinking of getting up a point system for rating donations, like the crackpot index, on account of donations like this.

  6. As an ex-dental-assistant who had her yearly check-up today, this TOTALLY made my day 😀

  7. @Seiber Since it’s from Japan and the 2nd biggest religion there is Buddhism, the first being Shintoism, maybe it’s Buddha who hates fillings.

    I’ve heard that if you have bad teeth it can lead to heart disease, but I would think getting them fixed right away, including fillings, would prevent it.

  8. Hmmm… argument for putting dentistry on health insurance if there ever was one! Break out the Super Bond!

  9. Ha! Great quackery.

    I have a small collection of quack medical books. This would make a fine addition. Too bad I don’t work in a library where I can intercept this “donation” as it comes in.

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