Child Abuse Help

Child Abuse Help Book coverThe Child Abuse Help Book
How to understand and cope with violence in the home

I plucked this from a teen nonfiction collection.  Both the cover art and title are disturbing.  For a brief moment, I thought this title was a “how-to” type book.  I think this book is typical of those social topic oriented titles that are used for a school paper.  Resources and advice are limited.  For Michigan, there is a government  address in Lansing you can write for “information” that I am quite certain is out of date. I have included some sample pages and I will let you draw your own conclusions on the value for student research.

The one positive this author did say is that the public library is a source of information on coping with child abuse situations. Too bad it is not this particular book. Let this be one of those posts that reminds you to go weed the 300s, especially in teens/youth.


Chapter 4 emotional abuse and neglect

kiddie p0rn


  1. The anger of the torn and crumpled photograph is less disturbing that a peaceful pastel cover would be.

  2. Of course! Child sexual abuse and pornography are a result of the women’s movement. Why didn’t I see that before?

  3. Susan, I had the same reaction as you to this. “Oh, sure, blame it on women who might become men’s equals!…”

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