Chicken Lamaze

Lamaze is for Chickens coverLamaze is for Chickens: A Guide to Prepared Childbirth
Green & Naab

Submitter: This book was recently weeded from [a] Community Library in [Wisconsin]. Not only is it falling apart and thirty years old, but it is also a childbirth guide featuring cartoon chickens. I mean, come on! Imagine the meetings in which this book seemed like a good idea!
Lamaze is for Chickens: A Guide to Prepared Childbirth, is so ridiculous I removed it from the shelf the immediately! Imagine a childbirth guide with cartoon chickens representing real women – a chicken packing a bag for her trip to the hospital – except, there are also vivid close up black and white images of real childbirth! You don’t want to leave it lying around where the cartoonish cover art may attract unsuspecting children…yikes!

Holly: The title makes it sound like lamaze is for weaklings who are afraid of childbirth, like it is somehow laughable that a woman would want to consider it. I don’t think that’s what they intended, so the title is unfortunate. Also…chickens?

What to take to the hospital

Childbirth photos

Labor positions

Childbirth variations


  1. as a dad I have to say the illustration for getting ready for the hospital doesn’t make it any more ridiculous than it is – with our first my wife had me pack and unpack different socks for 40 minutes so she nearly had the baby in the car

  2. Yeah, the cover might attract children, but why would it hurt for them to see the photos? In other words, why “Yikes!”?

  3. The other issue is that Lamaze has changed in 30 years. Apparently they no longer believe that the pain of childbirth can be managed by breathing techniques.

    1. I’m guessing the breathing and focus exercises help you manage your “fight or flight” instinct.

  4. I don’t think it’s that big of a deal if a kid picks up this book. It’s not the 1950’s when everyone told their kid the stork brought babies. (so where do the baby storks come from, hm?)

    1. I think it’s the C-section birth pix, not so much natural childbirth pictures, that might be somewhat alarming…esp. as little kids already often think Baby is in Mommy’s “stomach.”

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