Check Those Feelings

emotional hostageThe Emotional Hostage
Rescuing Your Emotional Life
Cameron-Bandler and Lebeau

This book is about naming and owning your own emotions. Evidently, if you aren’t paying attention to your feelings you aren’t going to be able to solve your problems. Lots of anecdotes and analysis but actually light on what one is supposed to actually “do” about your emotional health. It is more about naming your feelings and controlling them appropriately. Not sure what makes them “appropriate”.

The 1986 pub date is the real driver for weeding this of this type of material. It is too old for popular use and I know I can find something a bit more user friendly. Weed it and don’t look back.



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  1. My dear late husband was a young man of the ’60’s. He would have loved this book. He also loved books about how to argue appropriately. He soon learned that reflecting back to me what I was saying and encouraging me to use “I” sentences in an infuriatingly composed tone of voice was NOT the way to a peaceful resolution.

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