Cheap Dates

Dating under a dollarDating for Under a Dollar

Thanks to a submitter for this wonderful book.  This is probably shelved right next to the “be cool” book posted earlier! Can you imagine how a young lady must feel if this is featured prominently in a some guy’s personal library?  The poor couple on the front looks like they spent all the money they have on hair products and valium.    Great idea for content, but seriously lacking in execution!


  1. Ack! The author of the blurb on the front is a family friend. This is the sort of book he’d endorse.

  2. I’d love to hear some of the ideas for dating on a dollar .

    But surely this has to be a humorous book, in which case it could be quite funny (?)

  3. Thought bubble for the girl on the cover: “Oh well, I guess dinner at Commander’s Palace is out, so how long do I have to keep this phony smile pasted onto my face? “

  4. Actually, I hope that if I ever do go on a date and she happens to see this kind of book on my shelf (I plan on buying something similiar), my date will understand that I’m fresh out of college, like she is, and have very little money so she’ll be glad I’m not wasting money. Right? Please say yes!

  5. I once went on a date that turned into a pitch for Amway. And he actually said: “I only have 10 bucks on me, so I hope you brought some money.”

    1. Please forgive me–I was young, foolish, and thousands of dollars in debt to a shampoo dealer.

  6. It’s a Mormon one!

    Those books were all over the place in Mormon bookstores during the 90’s.

    Brad Wilcox is another Mormon youth ‘author’ like John Bytheway or Jack Weyland…

    Think Evangelical youth culture but WAY MORE CHEERFUL!

  7. $1 in 1995? If I remember correctly, that MIGHT have paid for one person’s subway fare or one person’s coffee (or warm milk/herbal tea for Mormons).

  8. Hey, don’t knock the comment on the cover. Don’t be embarrassed you know Brad Wilcox! Dude was just telling it like it is. Dating will never be the same again after you date for a dollar, oh no, it will always be WAY better.

  9. A dollar? What was a happy meal priced at in 1995? Gee whiz, you can buy a 85 cent candy bar nowadays,whatta date!
    So what are some of the ideas in the book for dating under a dollar,dying to know how they work that one out. What? 2 tin cans and some string?
    I really want to know what these creeps could do for a dollar.

  10. The way she’s looking down at him reminds me of the “everyone look around at each other and smile and laugh” at the end of the Brady Bunch theme, when they were in a 3×3 grid, with nutty ol’ Alice in the middle.

  11. “Can you imagine how a young lady must feel if this is featured prominently in a some guy’s personal library?”

    I can imagine, yes, but I prefer to avoid sexist & classist thoughts. A woman’s self-worth should not hang on a man’s wallet, and vice versa. Furthermore, no person should be measured by how much money they have to spend on nonessentials.

  12. My first thought was “cheap b*stard”.

    My second thought was “I can think of one thing you can do on a date that’s free.”

    I’m married, so dates in our house tend to involve watching television because we’re to cheap/lazy to go out.

  13. Makes me think of the short film “What to do on a Date” (which was also featured on MST3K). Some of the suggestions there were going to a taffy pull, square dancing, bike riding, and having a weenie roast.

    My wife has a book called “1001 Ways to be Romantic” and it has a page of cheap ideas. Not so much date suggestions as it is ways to show her you love her. Things like:

    “Pick flowers from the side of the road. Cost: Zero.”

    “Watch falling stars together. Cost: Nada.”

    “Walk hand-in-hand together. Cost: Nothing.”

    “Memorize her favorite poem or passage from a book — and recite it during lovemaking. Cost. Zilch.”