Changes to Email RSS Feed

Email RSS Beginning in July, Google is making changes to its FeedBurner RSS service. Specifically, they will no longer have an RSS by Email service. If you subscribe to ALB by email, you will no longer receive our posts once they make those updates.

Don’t despair! We’ve added a new service to pick up the slack! It’s called Follow.It and all you need to do is click on either the Email RSS button at the top of the right sidebar (or toward the bottom of the page if you’re on a mobile device) or put your email address in the new “Subscribe by Email” form at the bottom of the right sidebar (bottom on mobile).

If you subscribe in a feed reader (like Feedly, The Old Reader, or even Follow.It, for example) there is nothing you need to do to continue receiving your semi-daily piece of collection management gold. <Whew!>

Now go back to your weeding!



  1. RSS is so great. It’s a shame it’s not as popular it used to be. I use inoreader. Anyway, glad to hear that will continue!

  2. From watching too much B-rate movies of the past, RSS reads as “Radar Secret Service” which makes these announcements worth reading.

  3. Meanwhile I’ve used RSS for live bookmarks in Firefox for like 15 years now. It was removed a few years back (in FF 64), but thankfully the Livemarks addon put it back in.

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