Change of Life

Menopause coverMenopause: A Woman Doctor’s Guide: Essential Facts and Up-to-the-Minute Information for a Woman’s Change of Life
Jovanovic and LeVert

Submitter: I don’t think it’s hard to say, but some need to hear it – 20 year old medical books that are yellow and crumbling can be dumped. Get something more up-to-date people! Just when you think you have gotten rid of them all, you find another one.

Holly: As a 47-year-old woman staring down the barrel of this era of life, when I start looking for information on this topic, I’m going to need it to be very, very current. Do me, and millions of other middle-aged women, a favor and update your women’s health collections!

Menopause - contents

Sexuality and sleep disorders

Menopause and diet


  1. I’m 47 as well, and I keep having mental pictures of me transforming into some kind of big, hairy cartoon monster. And I’m already kind of a monster. But I’m not the kind of monster that devours people because someone forgot to put the cap back on the toothpaste.

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