Celebrity Sewing Bee

Celebrity Sewing Bee coverFrancine Coffey’s Celebrity Sewing Bee

Submitter: When the title says “celebrity sewing bee” they really meant a lot of Dinah Shore. The one area that was really popular during the pandemic was our crafting section. So much so, you could spot the books that needed weeding by glancing over to that section and seeing what did not go out the door. This was one of them – and with reason.

Holly: I can’t imagine why a sewing book with celebrities from 47 years ago isn’t popular anymore. <sarcasm> There are all kinds of great ideas here: put fabric on your ceiling, or Elmer’s glue some fabric to your floor! Make a diet-friendly birthday cake-shaped bag! Re-purpose bandanas into a dress (hey, if you can make a skirt out of curtains, you can make a dress out of masks! I’m sure that’s the next craft craze.)

Diet birthday cake bag

sewing sample

pattern sample

Joan Rivers and Dinah Shore

Dinah Shore and Carol Burnett


  1. So whenever Dinah Shore didn’t have a second actually famous guest lined up for her talk show, she called this woman to show up and make some celebrity do craptastic crafts?

    It was a living, I guess.

    1. Like my mom always said when doing something requiring concentration and precision “You gotta get your tongue just right.”

      I do it playing video games or cutting up food.

  2. What part of people is the people skirt made of?

    Also, that cardigan on the cover would easily win ever Ugly Christmas Sweater contest until the end of time. Yikes.

    1. That may be the jacket to her amazing bandana ensemble. It looks like her lower half matches and she mentions a navy blue bandana sash in the text.

    1. See the USA in your Chevrolet!

      She also dated ALB fave Burt Reynolds!

      Wikipedia tells me that she was in the famous “Went With the Wind” sketch on Carol’s show, so I imagine this brought back memories of dresses made from curtains, or vice versa.

  3. On page 34, and possibly others, they published a photograph of the broadcast recording I’m sure of it. The brick facade is washed out and their clothes are underlit, therefore dingy or black.

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