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Foiled Again!

Cooking Made Microwave Easy
Better Homes & Gardens

Submitter: Found this gem while weeding some vhs tapes.  I hadn’t realized that there were even microwave cooking tips out there, and coming from Better Homes and Gardens, they’re bound to be good, right!  Right?  What’s this about shielding with aluminum foil?  Sounds safe!

Holly: Well, I’ll be darned.  The USDA has a fact sheet that says small amounts of aluminum foil can be used in a microwave!  Even so, this is a VHS tape from 1987.  Let it go.

Recipes from the East

Recipes from the East

Recipes from the East

Submitter: I told my principal this morning that if he ever hears someone tell me “Oh, I know Exactly what kind of books you’d like,” he should kick me under the table.

Holly: That is the most awful cover I’ve ever seen. The real question is, how did something spiral bound last 55 years?!

Rapper's Delights

Rapper Recipes

Rapper’s Delights: African-American Cookin’ with Soul Al Pereira 1998 Submitter: This is a cook book compiled of recipes from rappers of the eighties and nineties. It includes such delectable culinary fare as, “Flava Flav’s Rice Pilaf.” Ingredients: A bag of

Spry cover


Aunt Jenny’s Favorite Recipes Lever Brothers Co. 1930? Submitter: This came from the Home Economics section of a local library and was then donated with other treasures to the local High School library. 49 pages…many with pictures and captions like