Meals for One or Two

Meals for 1 or 2

Meals for One or Two
Better Homes and Gardens

Submitter: I work at the highest circulating branch in a large southwest county library system and found this gem sitting on our high-traffic cooking display. I don’t know what staff member thought this should go on a display rather than the weed bin. How embarrassing, it even has water damaged pages.

Holly: Cookbooks age like anything else. BH&G cranks out plenty of cookbooks every year. If funds and space are tight, weed and replace with a few new titles every 5-10 years and you’ll be better off than keeping this around.

As an aside, what is the fascination with the word “tangy” in these old cookbooks? What, exactly, is tangy? Is it spicy? Sour? Salty?

Be Bold with Bananas cover

Be Bold with Bananas

Be Bold with Bananas
Banana Control Board

Credit goes to Book Riot for bringing this little gem to our attention. Also, my friend Brian, who sent me that link. I verified library holdings just to be sure it is an awful “library” book and not just a weird book…and it is. The holdings are mostly in New Zealand and South Africa, but an ALB is an ALB. Universally.

It’s not just that it is 41 years old. It’s not just that it has that horrible “plastic food” photography. It’s not just that it has very strange ideas of what to do with bananas. It’s all of those things combined.

magical cakes

Magical Decorated Cakes

Pasteles Magicos Decorados
Welsh, French

Submitter: Here is book I just discarded from our library collection. The title of our book is Magical Decorated Cakes. I also took a picture of one of the cakes inside the book, a typewriter cake.

Holly: These cakes are awesome!  This book would be REALLY cool if it showed you how to make a cake in the shape of an iPhone or an eReader.  Unfortunately…it doesn’t.