God's call girl

God’s Callgirl

God’s Callgirl: A Woman’s Incredible Journey From the Convent to the Massage Parlour
Van Raay

Submitter: I would bet my meager salary that this is the first and last book ever published whose title contains the words “God”, “Callgirl”, “Convent” , and “Massage Parlour.”  I thought I would weed this title, but maybe I should start a book discussion instead. . . .

Holly: What a horrible title for what is possibly a very interesting biography!  Anyone have any reviews or comments about this one?

survive your boyfriend's divorce cover

Advice for the “other” woman

How to Survive Your Boyfriend’s Divorce
Loving Your Separated Man Without Losing Your Mind
Todd and Dormen

I am trying to keep an open mind and I really don’t want to be the crusty old lady that believes that one shouldn’t date married people, but is this really a big information need? The librarian in me thinks that maybe it does address a specific information need, but the woman in me just says ewww!   For what it is worth, the book is a typical discussion using anecdotes to illustrate situations ranging from neediness, his kids, judgmental friends etc.  Regardless of your feelings, it still needs to be weeded as it does contain legal some state specific legal information as part of the appendix. I guess I am glad that I am old and married since I find the idea of dating someone with so much personal baggage too difficult and exhausting–even if Sally Jessy Raphael endorses this book.

fetal alcohol syndrome book cover

Drinking with your baby

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

This is just another example of a dated teen nonfiction choice.  (My personal hot button for collection awfulness….seriously, does anyone weed teen nonfiction?)  The information is outdated of course.  The book was also more about admonishing people to not drink while pregnant rather than actually discussing FAS. This book was probably published to flush out this set of nonfiction.  Mostly boring.  I wasn’t sure the picture below was actually a girl AND pregnant.  Evidently you also need a cigarette when you are pregnant and drinking.