uranium mining book

The Atomic Way to Get Rich

You Can Find Uranium
A non-technical guide written in plain understandable language
Weiss and Orlandi

Finally, all our financial woes can be solved with this DIY uranium mining book. Get yourself a geiger counter and get busy. It’s the Atomic Age, baby! These guys have all the info and suggestions on equipment and all the tips on how to identify geological indicators of uranium. The authors also include some helpful government agencies that will be interested in what you find. (I am sure that the FBI and Homeland Security would be interested in anything you find as well.)

There were a few holding in large public libraries, but most of them were in university collections. It is a cool piece of history for the atomic age.

mom got a job

Yikes! Mom got a job?

My Mom Got a Job

Mom got a job and now life is cruel. The basic story is that child laments how Mom used to do all these great things and now she doesn’t.  Dad’s role and responsibility in parenting is somewhat vague.  

As you can see from the image below, the new job also implies that Mom is letting kid slide on housework .  Kind of a boring story and the illustration on the cover (I think the eyes mostly) are giving me the creeps.  Not really that awful, but certainly no award winner either.

I will admit to some personal bias on this topic as a well-meaning (idiotic) school employee told me that my part time library “career” was probably a contributing factor in my son’s less than stellar behavior during 8th grade. I will also point out that no one ever said things like that to my husband.  Said child also remarked to school officials that he was probably genetically pre-disposed to behavior problems since his parents were also troublemakers.