cool careers for girls

Cool Computer Careers

Cool Careers for Girls
Pasternak and Thornburg

Anyone hanging out here in our little corner of the Internet, knows that I have a serious issue with outdated career materials. I am all about giving girls some inspiration to consider STEM careers. I doubt that this book will inspire anyone. I like what this book is attempting: delivering some solid advice on the jobs available, necessary training, career paths, etc. That was then and this is now. As a person who has been hanging out in libraries since before this book was published, technology has changed and so have the careers.

Careers in Management for the new woman

Be the Boss

Careers in Management for the New Woman

This book looked familiar and I think I posted it in the early days of ALB. However, that particular post seems to be lost over time in our many migrations. But worry not! It is still in circulation. Really. I was going through the catalog and I couldn’t believe this book was in a circulating career collection.

It is pretty optimistic, but you can tell the problem of sexual harassment is glossed over and it is the woman’s responsibility to control by not giving off the wrong signals. Is it helpful for today’s women? Not at all. Time to weed.

woman's work book

The Ladies Go To Work

Woman’s Work Book
How to get your first job, re-enter the job market, fight for your rights in the work world and more.
Abarbanel and Siegel

Another book from the 1970s that is all about telling women how to get that first job. I like the concept of a book geared to first time job seekers. It is also a blast from another time with a whole chapter devoted to decoding newspaper want ads. I remember back when newspaper ads were categorized by male and female.

Job fun

Fun at Work (Really!)

This Job Should Be FUN!
Basso and Klosek

I love reading books about management and office culture. This book caught my eye because it had a guy with a bunch of balloons on the cover. Nothing says fun like balloons.

As a person who has been a working stiff since the 1970s, I have seen more “new” ideas come and go throughout my work history. Things I have been subjected to:

  • a laugh therapist (I wasn’t quite sure what that was about. I hardly laughed, though.)
  • a talking stick for meetings (hold a stick when it is your turn to talk)
  • team building exercises
  • ice breakers
  • sharing feelings