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Christian Teens and Dating

Picking (and Being) a Winner
St. Clair and Jones

Are you a fun loving Christian teen? Worried about picking a loser for a life partner or a casual date? This is your book. These guys want you to avoid the panic and stick to dating Christians only. It just saves time since anything else will eventually fail. Aside from the “don’t date non-Christians,” the other stuff is about being a good person. They also offer standard advice about complimenting your date. Girls, you need to know that guys scare easily, so make sure you give him enough space. He doesn’t want the ball and chain just yet.

God Likes Clean Hands

Young Only Once
Secrets of Fun & Success

Another guide for Christian Teens. Lots of helpful advice on how to be more likeable. Evidently, “using good English” is important in the likeability game. Ladies, you need to be up on the latest in household management, child care, and possibly support your family. Remember, it’s up to you to make sure your spawn are raised properly so they won’t be a “misfit”.  Finally, you really need to clean up. No one wants to hang around someone who smells.