When Teenagers Take Care of Children

Babysitting 101

When Teenagers Take Care of Children: The Official Guide for Baby Sitters

I would have guessed that this is even older than 1965.  The pictures are adorable, but really old fashioned (even for cartoons!).  The worst, though, is the section on first aid.  Librarians: please give your teen patrons something more up to date and more accurate than this!

dating the write way cover

Dating a Serial Killer?

Dating the Write Way: Handwriting Analysis for Teens.

Submitter: Found this one in our used book sale. I think it’s been through many years of annual book sales before finally being tossed. Wouldn’t it simplify things if you could just have a guy write a few lines to find out if he’s dating material?

Holly: That’s actually a great idea, except that I’m sure my own husband would turn out to be a serial killer.  (Sorry dude, but your handwriting is awful!)  I would be interested to know what the handwriting analysis community thinks of this book.  It almost seems too gimmicky, whether you believe in that kind of thing or not.